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I've been too busy posting and keeping up on Facebook and MySpace to put any time into the site. I recently added my Google Reader shares on the sidebar. I'll try to share stuff as I go through my daily blog readings. My fav. this week is Obama speaking in Williamsburg, VA. My favorite is the line about the stimulus: “What do you think a stimulus is?” the president asked, his voice rising. Spending, he said — to laughter from his audience — “is the whole point.”

Jane is busy ending the death penalty in Merlin. She's quoted in a Time magazine article:

The Tourists by Jeff Hobbs

Not a bad first novel, over all, but I found it hard to get through Hobbs writing style. I was bothered by a lot by little continuity glitches, like Hotmail and Yahoo email accounts not being common in 1996-97, the market rooms were poorly written, or the location, the New York fashion & design industry, did not seem well researched. Hobbs uses these all as throwaway props without being able to give them any real flesh. Especially the City; New York becomes a stage but Hobbs doesn't seem to know it well enough to give much life. Perhaps a good editor could have helped by cutting some of these embarrassments. But since they're all there, it distracted me from the story and the elements that do work. For me, this is the kind of sloppiness that characterizes Generation Why. This is a group that expects everything right now, that takes the easy way, that thinks a first draft is all it takes.

Why Barak Obama --- Jane's perspective

Obama flag

Those who know me well, know that I have never particularly fit into the Democratic Party. After nearly two decades as a paid advocate for ending the death penalty, I still remember those 1992 Clinton campaign ads about being a different kind of Democrat, tough on crime, pro-death penalty. My father, a committed Republican, put a voter registration form in my hand on my eighteenth birthday. I cast my only GOP vote for my dad for county office in Upstate New York years ago. For years I lived in third party self-exile. It took an extraordinarily honest, progressive 2006 Democratic candidate for County Executive to get me to finally register Democrat, like the vast majority of voters in my current home of Prince George's County, Maryland. This year, at age 44, I cast my very first presidential primary vote for Obama.

But to really share why I voted for Obama, I need to tell you a story about my eight-year-old son Guthrie.

Public school is a challenge to my tough, creative, kinetic younger son. This school year started out difficult; he was twice evicted from music class. Days later his father found a yet-to-be-colored-in handout with the outline of an American flag crumpled under the family computer table. When asked about it, Guthrie complained about having to sing "God Bless America" too much in music class. He also protested having to recite the daily Pledge of Allegiance.


"I'm Not There", Todd Haynes dissects the life of Bob Dylan

And if you judge me tonight
Judge me by the songs I write
That's who I am to you

- Dan Bern "Black Tornado"

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